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Lord Anubis
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August 2008
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Lord Anubis [userpic]

You will do as I say - Every Goa'uld needs a lieutenant, loyal and willing to do anything his god asks of him. The First Prime is duty-bound to serve until death. Failure will not be tolerated. [One opening, preferably male]

Jaffa, kree - Humans are no Kull warriors, nor are they even Jaffa, but they will do for now. Every god needs an army to go forth and conquer in his name. [Multiple openings for willing, thug-type characters]

Kneel before your god - A god needs to be worshiped, whether his subjects like it or not. Some may serve willingly, others by force, and defiance is severely punished. Laborers, servants, cannon fodder. They live to serve his whims. [paranoideloi/Eloi Laurent, multiple openings, disposable characters welcome]

What you just saw was not my doing - Anubis may be more scientifically-inclined than his brethren, but actually building something like a common laborer is something he'd rather avoid at all costs. He needs to find someone to replace Thoth, his head scientist, and he doesn't care if the replacement is willing or not. [clockwork_doc/Doc Brown]

Nothing of the host survives - Anubis may insist that the host is dead and gone, but Daniel is still in there, fully awake and aware of what's going on. In many ways, it's a fate worse than death. Help him. [Torchwood, others]

Lord Anubis [userpic]

The Goa'uld are complicated to explain, as they have over eight years of backstory, but I will attempt to compile various articles and video clips to provide a (hopefully) brief overview of the species, and Anubis in particular.

Video clips

Cut for sizeCollapse )


Symbiotes - includes physiology, racial traits and tendencies, and special abilities.

Ribbon device - basically a System Lord's multitool. It consists of a red gem in the center of the palm, attached to golden sharp-tipped finger caps and a wide gold band that spirals up the arm. Ribbon devices are always worn on the left hand. The gem emits a yellow beam that, when focused on a victim's forehead, causes temporary paralysis and excruciating pain. Extended exposure causes death through cerebral hemorrhage. It can also be used to emit a blast that throws enemies back by several yards. Some system lords have modified their ribbon devices to serve additional purposes, such as remote controlling devices for ring transporters, Asgard beaming technology, and so on. However, most are merely used for torture and interrogation.

Anubis - episode-specific mentions and appearances of Anubis. Some info on his backstory, but not in chronological order. This Anubis is from General Daniel Jackson's universe, so anything pertaining to his active efforts to conquer the galaxy beginning in season six did not happen in this version.

Anubis (original mythology) - Wikipedia's article about the Egyptian deity, which is not really vital to this Anubis' past or personality, but there are some elements of the mythology that the Goa'uld have incorporated into their worship.

Ascension - Wikipedia's article on the concept of Ascension in Stargate, how to achieve it, what the powers and limitations are, and so on. It's also worth noting that General Jackson, unlike the canon Daniel, has never met an Ancient and therefore has never Ascended.

Lord Anubis [userpic]

•Name: Anubis
•Age/Birthdate: Approximately five thousand years old
•Species: Goa'uld
oType: Formerly semi-Ascended and able to take gaseous form to transfer between hosts, he is now trapped once again in the form of a symbiote without any of his Ascended powers.
•Canon: Stargate SG-1 (AU)
•Livejournal: kneelb4yourgod
•Played By: Michael Shanks (after taking Daniel as a host)
•Icon: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x288/christmaswerewolf/so_out_of_ideas1.png

•Appearance: At first glance, appears to be a snake with razor-sharp fins on the front of its body. Its head ends in a sharp, four-pronged jaw which allows it to rapidly burrow beneath skin and muscle, and attach semi-permanently to the brainstem of its host. Four glowing red eyes are equally spaced around the head, and it has greenish-grey skin rather than scales. As a fully mature Goa'uld, Anubis has a body length of approximately two feet which can be compressed around the host's spinal column. With the exception of queens, symbiotes are physically genderless and tend to assume the sex of the host they are currently occupying. Anubis has traditionally inhabited male humans.

Once inside the host's body, an experienced Goa'uld can mimic their host's behavior well enough to fool the casual observer. When the symbiote becomes angry or the host attempts to reassert control, the host's eyes glow bright yellow for a brief moment. Goa'uld are capable of altering the host's voice to an unearthly, resonating low bass, which they prefer to use when not concealing their presence. The host's physical strength is augmented, and any injuries heal much faster than normal, granting them extended lifespans and making them difficult to kill. The symbiote's body contains a quartz element called naquadah, which is released into the bloodstream of the host and allows them to control Goa'uld technology.

•Personality: All Goa'uld are arrogant and megalomaniacal, and Anubis is no exception. He has a flair for melodrama and loves to intimidate lesser beings one way or another. Thousands of years of genetic memory have conditioned him to believe that all non-Goa'uld are slaves, and that the galaxy belongs to him exclusively. He has a reputation for cruelty that horrified even his fellow Goa'uld, and resulted in a thousand year banishment from their ranks. He has no code of honor, preferring to make deals with his enemies to lull them into a false sense of security before swiftly taking them out. Unlike most Goa'uld, Anubis shows a strong interest in scientific research and development of new technologies.

•History: Several thousand years after Ra conquered Earth and began building the Goa'uld Empire, he created a breeding queen Goa'uld named Hathor. Anubis was one of their first children, and one of few survivors before the Jaffa were created to incubate the larvae. Anubis' harsh treatment of the human slaves delighted his father Ra, who then named him Lord of the Dead. Anubis turned his efforts towards creating new and exciting weaponry, testing them on randomly picked slaves. With his son's inventions in the hands of his new armies, Ra's conquest of the galaxy progressed much faster, unfortunately distracting him from the situation brewing on Earth.

The humans of Earth rebelled and drove the Goa'uld from the planet, burying their Stargate as a symbol of defiance. Their willingness to die for their cause intrigued Anubis, and he began thinking of ways to overthrow his father and take his place. Ra learned of his son's plans and attempted to kill him, but Anubis stole a ship and escaped to the far reaches of Ra's empire. Ignoring the territorial boundaries of the other System Lords under Ra's command, Anubis built superweapons and began turning them onto his father's favorite planets. No two planets were destroyed the same way, and sometimes he would "rescue" a portion of the inhabitants just to torture them to death in various interesting ways. Angry at him poaching on their territory and disgusted by his unsporting methods, the System Lords banded together to banish him from civilization.

Anubis fled to Kheb, where he deceived Oma Desala into believing he had turned from the evil of the Goa'uld and wished to seek enlightenment. She helped him Ascend, not realizing until it was too late that he had manipulated her into doing so. Anubis spent a thousand years using his new energy-based form to gather intel on his enemies and concoct plans to seize control. When he was finally ready to make his move, he broke the rules of noninterference and was immediately cast down by the Ascended others. They were unable to drop him back completely, however, leaving him stuck halfway between Ascension and corporeality. Unable to use his Ascended abilities without drawing the wrath of the others, yet unable to manifest physically without an artificial shield, Anubis was forced to take the slow path to gather armies for his conquest, made even more difficult by the sudden reemergence of Earth humans on the galactic stage. He began sending out minor Goa'uld to spread rumors of his triumphant return, but during a simple ring transport he vanished, never to be seen again.

• Writing Sample:

He kept perfectly still, eyes fixed on the candle as the presence of Oma Desala coalesced before him. Bright tendrils of light caressed his face, and he inwardly drew back, preventing even the barest hint of a reaction from showing.

"You have learned well, my student," Oma said quietly, approvingly. "Release your burden."

Gladly. The host shrieked silently under his iron-clad control, its fragile mind shattering under the onslaught and falling to madness. He relaxed, going limp within the host and releasing his hold on the nerve endings. Light filled his vision, and the broken, empty body fell lifelessly to the sand.

It was the first time he had seen the Ancient show fear.

"Thank you, teacher," Anubis chuckled. "Your student is most grateful."

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